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The Virtual Wine Tour

The leaves change color, the climate becomes harsh and the days get shorter. For lovers of heat, perhaps this is not the best part of the year, but for wine lovers, autumn is one ofContinue reading

Merano Winefestival 2019

Since 1992 The Merano WineFestival is considered as one of the annualy most important events representing the excellences of wine and food. In the fantastic ambience of the Kurhaus of Merano, the festival unites excellenceContinue reading

Slow Wine 2020 in München

Food is a serious matter and Carlo Petrini knew its importance when in 1986 he established the Slow Food movement. Its purpose was not only making people to enjoy eating and drinking, but to sustainContinue reading

Danilo Quazzolo

Rock in the wine world

“Rock has always been the music of the Devil.” (David Bowie) “Rock’n’Roll is the most lousy, brutal and evil form of expression, a pestilential aphrodisiac, the favorite music of all the criminals on earth.” (FrankContinue reading


California dreaming: Three great-looking vineyard estates for sale


How strong can be a blood tie? Sometimes, it is not so strong to extinguish quarrels or fights….disagreements and misunderstandings. Other times, it doesn’t take into account boundaries, barriers, fears. In this case, I willContinue reading