The world of the is focused on beauty and elegance, this is the reason why the old Wineblogart receive a restyling that improved it aesthetically. This restyling starts right from the because Wineblorart was a bit confusing. The new name Leaves no doubt on the subject. In the blog, the subjects will remain unchanged but with a new style and with a new way to interact with the winelovers.  A different style, a new design, new curiosities and new staff.  Why Al Wine though? When a name is chosen, there is not always a reason. The name sounded good. Eastman, the founder of the film Kodak, reply in this way when someone asked the meaning of the name Kodac: “I decided to call it “Kodak” because this word was short, vigorous and easy to pronounce, but to be honest it doesn’t mean anything“.  Al is an italian article which disagreed with the word wine. This, not only will enhance the double Language used for the blog,  Italian and English, but it will be easier to remember and pronounce. I would like to thank you our that will keep following us with the couriosity and passion for our common interest, the wine. At this point, my advice is: Let’s forget about Wineblogart and please welcome   Alwine

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