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Viticulture in Germany

Viticulture in Germany was introduced by the Romans around the 1st century BC. At that time (like today) the cultivation was mainly carried out on the left bank of the river Reno and along theContinue reading

His Majesty the Negroamaro

The Negramaro is an indigenous grape from Puglia and in specific from the Salento area. Let’s start from its name. Why Negroamaro? There are plenty of versions of the reason why of this name. ConsideringContinue reading


The world of the wine is focused on beauty and elegance, this is the reason why the old blog Wineblogart receive a restyling that improved it aesthetically. This restyling starts right from the name becauseContinue reading

The highest vineyards in the world

The highest vineyards in the world Ci può essere un vigneto a 3000 metri d’altezza?   In Argentina l’enologo Donald Hess nel 1999 comprò un ranch nel quale installare un museo, il James Turrel Museum, JamesContinue reading

The Wine Classification of Bordeaux

 Bordeaux Wine Classification Bordeaux region is very famous all over the world for the big and complex classification of its wine.  A classification that represents a sort of guarantee with regard to the origins and theContinue reading