Fiano di Avellino docg “Alimata” 3 glass Gambero Rosso

Maybe I am getting too old but, when I hear Irpinia, my mind recall the devastating heartquake that leveled the small towns alla round. During my military service, a fellow soldier invited me to spend some time with his family in December. He wanted to show me the “vampalorie”, huge branches bundles high more than 14 feet which the local people were going to torch them during Saint Nicola’s party.
Today, my mind goes back to Monfredane to celebrate 3 glass Gambero Rosso of the Fiano di Avellino: “Villa Raiano”. They called it “Alimata”. Generally, I am curious about the name of the wines because with any name there are plenty of explenations, stories and legends. This time I am a bit disappointed because the name Alimata doesn’t have any story behind. It is only the name of a Contrada of Montefredane. Even if the name didn’t impressed me, the wine blow my mind away. Surging the Internet I found a bit of history which satisfied my curiosity. All credit to bring the Fiano vine, “Vitis Apicia”, in Italy goes to the Greek. The first vines were planted in Lapio, a place which took the name of the grape planted in it. The name “Vitis Apicia” or “Apina” comes from the characteristic of this grape to attract bee stocks in the vineyard, thanks to its smells like honeysuckle. The derivation of “Apiana” comes from Apina, which changed to “Afiana” and then “Fiano”. You can read the full story on Wikipedia where I took these information. 100% Fiano di Avellino Docg, has its roots on a stony and clayey soil. The harvest take place the beginning of October. The wine will rest in stainless steel vat for one year. After this time, it will be bottled.
The Fiano di Avellino has an amazing pale yellow color. On the nose we have a great sentor of green apple, sage, grass, pine, and grapefruit zest. Since the first sip you will be overwhelmed from its great sapidity and beautiful elegance. Which wine-food paring will be the best with the Fiano di Avellino? Fish, fish and more fish.

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